Antique Medal or Badge Knights of the Golden Eagle 10 K Gold Coin Silver 1886

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Antique Medal or Badge Knights of the Golden Eagle 10 K Gold Coin Silver Purple Ribbon, 1886.

This handsome medal or badge is 7 1/2" long, 2 3/4" wide, gold weight is 50 grams, silver weight is 26 grams.

The Knights of the Gold Eagle were founded in 1873 in Baltimore, Maryland and had a militaristic? Christian perspective in its rituals and ceremonies. They worked three degrees based on events and legends surrounding the Crusades of the Middle Ages. According to Axelrod's International Encyclopedia of Secret Societies and Fraternal Orders the organization went extinct sometime during the 1960s-70s, however, current research has shown that this group is still active in three states providing scholarships to college students. One unfortunate piece of history that still shadows the KGE is that one of their members was responsible for the assassination of President McKinley. The woman's auxiliary was called the Ladies of the Golden Eagle.

The gold part of the medal was carefully tested to be 10 K gold and the silver part is marked Coin silver. The medal was presented to P.C. Chas W Fallows July 12th 1886.

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